Friday, June 8, 2012

Renaissance of Children

As we get ready to close out Angeles Crest Art Guild Show, I can't stop thinking about everything else that's going on in my head right now... 
Six and a half months pregnant, not fitting into my clothes anymore, my husband coming home tonight, the wallpaper that still needs to go up in the nursery, the work that needs to go up for next week's opening, the work that needs to come down at the end of this closing, the days going by so fast I can't stop to take a breath, how the baby will grow that fast, and, the one thing that crosses my mind every single day... the health of my baby...
No matter which we prefer, girl or boy, the minute anyone finds out they're expecting, the only thing that matters is the baby's health. We think about it every time it kicks, moves, or hiccups. It's the "mother" in you that you become.
A friend of mine, Tagui Sarkisyan, is hosting a fundraiser for children in Armenia with special needs. She is working with doctors in Armenia in order to raise money and help these children in need. There will be an event held on June 14th, 2012 at the Brandview Ballroom in Glendale, California. There will be food, announcements, music, and networking opportunities. Tickets are $75 per person. Please call 818.468.9061 for further details and to order tickets.

A few words from Tagui Sarkisyan:
"My name is Tagui Sarkisyan and I am a nursing student at UCLA. I work with Dr, Vicken Sepilian and volunteer in Armenia every summer. For the past two years I have been working with Dr. Karen Koloyan and the Renaissance of Children Non-Profit Organization. Dr. Koloyan is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon that performs free surgeries for children with disabilities in low income households and orphanages in Armenia and many parts of the world. I have seen and spoken to parents that would never have the small window of opportunity or hope for their child to walk if it wasn't for Dr. Koloyan. After working in Armenia and attending a medical conference, a group of medical students and other medical professionals have volunteered to help Dr. Koloyan fund raise to save his programs and help improve the technology in his center to better diagnose and treat children with disabilities. Dr. Koloyan is not only helping children to walk again but he is helping raise the standard of care in Armenia. In a country that has no support for individuals with disabilities, Renaissance of Children is trying to fill the gap and help improve social issues and stereotypes. Below I have listed some of the projects that Renaissance of Children provides for the public. We hope to help improve the gait analysis lab to better diagnose and treat patients:

1. Free wheelchair distribution ( Every child that needs a wheelchair will receive one at no cost)
2. Hip Ultrasound Project
3. Free Orthopedic surgeries and support for children.
4. Free Orthopedic help to Arbakir Medical Center
5. High level of training to raise standard of Care.
6. Setting up a Gait Analysis Lab to help treat and diagnose

This fundraiser will help Dr. Koloyan achieve the goals of helping every child with a disability.

If you are not able to make it to the fundraiser physically, your donations will be much appreciated."