Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wish Me Luck

There have been so many changes since I last wrote... As you all may know by now, I have a daughter now. Her name is Nala and she's 9 months old now. It has been months since I last wrote and I have so many words in my head right now, that have been bottled up for the last few months, I'm confused as to how to organize them.
I do have to start out by saying that "life is so different" now... it's good different but it's definitely not the same. If you're just joining my blog or have been a follower for a couple of years now, thank you for being here with me... Thank you for your interest and support... I hope I bring some inspiration to your life, if not anything else.
I am writing now after a few months of being out of the loop because my mind needs a little bit of waking up. I am doing this for my own benefit and, at the same time, I hope I can offer some waking up for as well. There have been so many times during the past few months that I've written in my head and have wanted to copy it down... There was the experience of giving birth... the first smile... the first time my made her laugh by dancing for her... the first this, the first that... then, there are those moments when you feel like you've become a family and you feel everything all at the same time, love, happiness, guilt, pain, admiration, sadness...
So... now, I'm ready and as I struggle to get my thoughts together, I realize that I have never been happier in life.